Our Stories

As leaders, we each have a story to tell that informs those we lead and introduces our leadership journey. Our stories are written based on what we do and how we do things. Our stories convey our belief structures, passions and personality. My leadership story includes times of failure when I was in the wrong

They Will Manage YOUR Time

I’ve found that colleagues will often manage our time if we let them. Having this kind of control taken away from us is rarely a positive experience, especially when our cherished minutes are put into uncaring and wasteful hands. The guy who stands in your doorframe yapping on about his new motorized lawn chair and cooler

The Ten Minute Conversation

Many leaders pride themselves on their ability to develop elaborate business strategies. Unfortunately, these same leaders often experience a failed execution of these plans by the people within their organizations. This failure points to a communication gap that often exists between organizational leaders and the people they depend on to implement their strategies. If we

Hiring an Employee & Hailing a Cab

  My last cab ride was a bit unsettling. The combination of tired driver, a miscommunication regarding my desired destination and his colorful language regarding the lack of courtesy displayed by his fellow cabbies made me wonder if I had chosen the wrong cab. Although I eventually reached my destination, the harrowing nature of the

Decision Checklist

Airlines have a strong safety record compared to most other industries. They achieve this high level of efficiency and safety by following a very methodical approach, always asking the right questions at the right time. By using a checklist consisting of a series of questions, pilots ensure that critical elements of success are in place.

Two Hard Questions

Valuable questions have become so rare these days. At some point between asking your mom why bugs taste like pickles and asking your dad for the car keys, you, me—well, all of us—stopped asking questions. We left that comfy cocoon of childhood in which there are no silly questions, emerging as glorious butterflies who proclaim

The Science of Hope

We all need hope. When it comes to our careers, we need hope for security, advancement, and meaningfulness. Yet, many organizations lack the intention to sustain and convey a sense of hope to their employees. To maintain a hopeful organization, leaders must move beyond viewing hope as a nicety and instead understand it as a